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Glassdoor is an employee review site that helps anyone -- from prospective employees to prospective customers to investors -- get an idea of what a company is really like from the inside. In other words, it helps measure the more qualitative ... More
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review
The subtly tweaked design is a triumph and is comfortable to hold thanks to the addition of the curved back panel. Now both the front and back sides fall into the slender metal rim at the edges, which results in a handset that feels much smaller ... More
Fairphone 2
The Fairphone 2 is a phone for those who don't want to have to deal with the gnawing guilt that their phone is, in a small way, terrible for the planet and the human race as a whole. It is rather a pity that the phone itself isn't nicer ... More
Apple iPhone SE
With average-sized hands there was often the need to awkwardly balance the phone on a small finger in order to reach the upper-parts of its 4.7in display. With the SE this is not the case and swiftly tapping any part of the screen is a breeze. ... More
Huawei P9
Huawei has always been a bit of a budget brand. Its devices provided decent bang for buck, but nothing that could compare to high-end phones from Apple or Samsung. The P9 is trying to change that  – it's the first phone from Huawei ... More
iPhone 6S
In performance terms you'll get a new 64-bit A9 chip, said by Apple to offer 70 percent faster CPU performance and 90 percent faster GPU performance. There are also design improvements to the outside of the device. The enclosure is made of ... More

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