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Movie Critique: Inside Out (2015)
Disney Pixar creates movies that are the best known and anticipated worldwide. No studio is as careful with their product and as successful with their movie making as Pixar. Yet, Inside Out, far exceeded the common expectations. This movie is one ...
American Beauty: 1999 film directed by Sam Mendes
American Beauty, the 1999 film directed by Sam Mendes, beautifully portrays the ironic hypocrisy of the American Dream through the descent of Lester Burnham, a burnt out middle-aged man facing his mid-life crisis. With a budget of about $15 ...
Gods and Generals directed by Ronald F. Maxwell
On February 21st, 2003, Gods and Generals, directed by Ronald F. Maxwell and based off of the novel Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara, premiered. About the Civil War during 1861-1863, Gods and Generals starred Stephen Lang as General Stonewall ...
Perfect High directed by Vanessa Parise
I have chosen to review the movie Perfect High. Perfect High was directed by Vanessa Parise and was released in 2015. Production began on February 1st, 2015 and ended February 22, 2015T for a total of seventeen days shooting. The movie casts ...
The Judge directed by David Dobkin
A recommended movie made in today's society would be, "The Judge", directed by David Dobkin, who also directed familiar titles such as: "Clay Pigeons" and "Wedding Crashers". The movie was created within in a budget of $50 million, and featured ...
Ron Howard of A Beautiful Mind
Justifying that growth derives from one's mistakes, director Ron Howard of A Beautiful Mind follows the product of obsession through an anecdote of Nobel Prize winning mathematician and economist John Forbes Nash. The film not only provokes ...
Toy Story 2 is an action packed, heart warming, and humorous film
Toy Story 2 is an action packed, heart warming, and humorous film directed by John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, and Ash Brannon. This 1999 film goes to infinity and beyond with an incredible group of cast and characters that create this spectacular ...
Holy Grail parody of Arthurian Tale
Monty Python and the Holy Grail parody of the classic Arthurian tale establishes itself as a legendary cult film, with its near absurdity driving the comical point of the Python's second movie. During the interval between the Pythons third and ...
The Shining Movie Review
With the rise special effects in horror movies and the decline of psychological thrillers, many fans turn to classic horror films for entertainment. The Shining, a 1980 thriller, combines the story of a fathers descent into madness with that of ...
Animated comedy film directed by Kirk DeMicco
If curiosity always lead to danger, we would never discover new things like The Croods did. This animated comedy film directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders explores the wonders of being curious and adapting to changes. A cave family of ...
Joe and Anthony Russo's Captain America: The Winter Solider
How many people have a favorite movie? I know at least every person in the world, has one movie that will always watch on that Friday night. However, do you just have that movie that has helped you become a better person? Yes, I have that movie ...
War Room directed by Alex Kendrick
War Room is one of my favorite movie I have ever watched. The director, Alex Kendrick, is very talented. From 1999 to 2014, he was a pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. The producers of War Room are Alex and Stephan Kendrick, ...
Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope released on May 25, 1977
One of the greatest thrills I can experience is the ability to walk into the cinema and catch a flick. Nothing seems to light my fire quite like an adrenaline pumping movie. I have a passion for what cinema does: unlocks doors to places only ...
Napoleon Dynamite was released in 2004 and was directed by Jared Hess
"Napoleon Dynamite" was released in 2004 and was directed by Jared Hess. The movie was created based on a short-film that Hess has produced as an assignment at Brigham Young University in 2002. The short film, which Hess titled "Peluca," was just ...
Hayao Miyazakis animated masterpiece Spirited Away
The empty fairground that Chihiro and her parents stumbled upon was not an ordinary one. It was already getting dark, and Chihiro decided to wander around by herself after her parents started to eat at a buffet booth. Although there were freshly ...
Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan
The title of Interstellar, director Christopher Nolans newest masterpiece, is misleading, as it only allows a small glimpse into the powerful and complex epic that the director presents to the world yet again. Described by some as a blend of ...
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