War Room directed by Alex Kendrick

War Room is one of my favorite movie I have ever watched. The director, Alex Kendrick, is very talented. From 1999 to 2014, he was a pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. The producers of War Room are Alex and Stephan Kendrick, who are brothers. Kendrick's movie was initially released on December 3, 2015. The budget of War Room was around 3 million USD. The main cast included Karen Abercombie, known as Clara Williams, Priscilla C. Shirer, known as Elizabeth Jordan, and T.C. Stallings who played the role of Mrs. Jordan's husband, Mr. Tony Jordan. Tenae Downing played as Veronica Drake in the movie. Alena Pitts was Mr. and Mrs. Jordan's only daughter, Danielle Jordan. In the movie Jadin Harris was Danielle's best friend, Jennifer Stephens. Michael Jr. played the role of Michael Alexander. Dave Blamy played as Tom Stafford, and Thomas A. Ford was known as Leo Williams. Mr Alex Kendrick played a role in his very own movie as a young educated man, Coleman Young.

Elizabeth and Tony Jordan and their only child, Danielle, live in a big, beautiful house. Both parents have wonderful high paying jobs, and all seems so perfect, although looks can be deceiving. Elizabeth works as a real estate agent while Tony sold Pharmaceuticals. Elizabeth meets her newest client, a very bubbly, religious old woman, Miss. Clara. As. Miss. Clara shows Elizabeth around her house, she tells her something special about each room in her house. Her favorite room was a closet that she turned into a prayer room, known as her "War Room". Throughout Elizabeth's many visits, Miss. Clara becomes more than just a client, but her friend. Miss. Clara goes on to tell Elizabeth that her war room is where she does her fighting. She writes her struggles, prayers, and happy thoughts on the wall in he prayer room. The two women become close, because Miss. Clara begins to help and give advice to Elizabeth's "perfect" family.

Tony works with a company that sells pharmaceuticals to many medical companies. Tony makes a huge mistake. While delivering the samples of medicine to the companies, he would keep some for himself. This later got him fired by his boss,Tom Stafford, and his assistant, Coleman Young. Tony also faces temptation throughout his marriage and goes out with another women named Veronica Drake, when his wife thought he was on a business trip. With all the shame and guilt Tony was experiencing, he fell back on his friends and family, especially with his relationship with his daughter Danielle. Danielle loved to jump rope and compete in many competitions with her best friend Jennifer. Tiny promised to make time to take Danielle and her friend to practice and to stay and watch. He always seemed to break his promises.

When all of Tony's issues came at Elizabeth all at once, she and Danielle were devastated. Elizabeth did everything she could to help provide for her family. Danielle grew so much anger towards her father for breaking his promises and cheating on her mom. Their "perfect" family began to fall apart until Miss. Clara stepped in. Miss. Clara saved their marriage and put the broken pieces of their family back together.

Within Mrs. Jordan's job and her life a home as a wife and a mother she had some personal visits with Miss. Clara. Miss. Clara asked Elizabeth many questions about her religious life. Elizabeth explained to Miss. Clara that she and her family occasionally attended church, but live a very Godly life at home and that she was like every other family with a busy schedule. Miss. Clara tells Elizabeth she needs a war room of her own in her house, where she can do her most serious fighting and have some private time with God to help her become closer to her husband and continue to love him. Miss. Clara encourage the family to find happiness through prayer and to attend church more.

This brought the family closer when it made Tony realize how much Elizabeth loves him. Elizabeth really showed what a mature Godly woman is about. In the long run, Tony steps up to the plate and gets his family back together. He became interested in his daughter's passion of jump roping. He offers to participate with her and Jennifer in the upcoming Double Dutch competition at their local community center. After the competition, he was offered job as the director at the community center. The pay wasn't as good as being a pharmaceutical salesman, but God blessed him with something that would bring his family back together. Elizabeth goes on to sell Miss. Clara's house. Even after it was successfully sold, Miss. Clara and Elizabeth makes time to have bible study, and to visit with Miss. Clara.

This is my favorite movie, because it is about God and shows what the power of prayer can do. It is a great movie for families to watch or even couples who may have struggles in their own relationships. It shows that with God, all things are possible if you just take time to spend time with the Lord.